Seth Meyers: Fox & Friends Were So ‘Freaked Out’ By Trump’s Summit, They Talked Directly To Him Thru The TV


On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump because of how “alarmed” the hosts of Fox & Friends were after his press conference alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meyers began by insisting that turning to Trump’s allies in the midst of a controversy is a “good barometer” as to how serious it is. He then pointed to Fox & Friends the morning after his Helsinki summit as an example.

“They’re always acting like the rich parents defending their kid in the principal’s office,” Meyers said. “‘It’s not Donald’s fault for pulling the fire alarm. It’s YOUR fault for having one!'”

The Late Night host then poked fun at how “alarmed” they were by Trump’s remarks in Helsinki.

“They were so freaked out, they talked directly to Trump through the TV,” Meyers told his audience. “I mean, if you’re gonna Mister Rogers the president, at least throw on a sweater.”

Meyers was referencing the effort the Fox and Friends hosts made to give Trump a course correction after the disastrous presser.

“You know it’s bad when Fox News turns on Trump,” he continued. “That’s like the Discovery Channel having a week called ‘Shark Week: The Sharks Have Gone Too Far.'”

He ripped Judge Jeanine Pirro for defending the president after the Fox & Friends hosts criticized him, asking should he have “taken a gun out” and shot Putin.

“I mean, I’d love to see Trump take out a gun in front of Putin only to see how fast Putin would disarm him,” Meyers reacted.

Meyers also took shots at Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) for repeatedly calling out the “shameful” president but continues to vote with him.

“I don’t know if Flake is his name or his job description,” Meyers quipped.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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