Shep Smith on ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Remark: ‘It’s Not Exactly a Calming, Comforting Thing’

Immediately following today’s White House press briefing in which Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to clarify what President Donald Trump’s “calm before the storm” remark meant, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith welcomed colleague Chris Wallace to discuss the cryptic comments.

Wallace mentioned Sanders’s presser remarks before referencing an Axios report to make the case that the president may be just “subscribing to the mad man theory” to make other countries believe he could do anything at any time. This led Smith to highlight how anxiety-inducing Trump’s words can truly be.

“If you’re in New Orleans or in Gulfport and you say this is the calm before the storm, that means there’s a tropical storm or hurricane headed and there’s gonna be hell coming,” Smith stated. “When you say it with your military leaders behind you, this meeting of the leaders is the calm before the storm, you’re suggesting that some sort of conflict is brewing. Are you not?”

He continued, “I don’t know what else it could mean. Here’s the military leaders — calm before the storm is coming. It’s not exactly a calming, comforting thing.”

“It isn’t,” Wallace responded. “But I don’t think he wants Iran or North Korea or the leaders of those regimes to be calm and comfortable.”

The two would then go on to discuss Trump’s low approval numbers and if the administration is concerned at all about them.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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