Sheriff Clarke: Protestors at Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley Speech ‘Need Their Ass Kicked’

Sheriff David Clarke joined Fox & Friends on Thursday, where he said all bets are off if people at UC Berkeley resort to violence again in order to shut down conservative guests.

After the show discussed Jemele Hill‘s current controversy, they moved on to talk about how right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro is likely to face protests when he delivers his upcoming lecture at the school. The university has dealt with several violent incidents over the last few months after rioters and other demonstrators came out to protest conservative speakers.

Brian Kilmeade talked about how cops didn’t control the mayhem in certain instances, which led Clarke to blame law enforcement administrators and the university for not maintaining order. Clarke went on to say that Antifa and leftist “goons” keep spreading violence and damaging property because they think the authorities don’t have the will to push back against them.

“At some point these goons when they bring the violence I’m talking, I want to be clear about that, once they bring the violence, the need their ass kicked.”

Clarke is known for typically-bombastic rhetoric, and this wouldn’t be the first time he’s talked about how things should get physical when it comes to people he politically disagrees with.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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