Sheriff Joe Arpaio Praises Obama On Immigration To A Perplexed Eric Bolling


President Barack Obama‘s new floated proposal to consider giving some path to citizenship to illegal aliens without criminal records has incensed Eric Bolling, who on last night’s program brought in the toughest public figure on immigration law, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Except Arpaio only went so far in denouncing the idea, instead thanking the President for putting the issue on the table.

“I think it’s all politics,” Arpaio said of Gov. Rick Perry‘s tough stance on immigration at last week’s debate, “but I want to thank the President. I don’t agree with his police, but he brought the issue back on the table. Now maybe some politicians will start talking about it and not hide the fact that we have a big problem.” Bolling, having begun the interview with Perry’s stance, then turned to President Obama, and asked Arpaio’s opinion on his amnesty proposal. “He can do what he wants,” he quipped, “we have state laws here.” And, once again, he extended a thank you.

“Sheriff Joe… my jaw is dropping right now. You want to thank Mr. Obama for floating the idea of forgiving [illegal immigrants]?” Bolling asked. Arpaio responded by clarifying that he didn’t agree with the President, but “at least he brought the issue back up.” Bolling protested that it was only brought back in the context of allowed illegal immigrants to stay in the country– “I don’t like that!” “I don’t like that, either!” Arpaio responded, “but let’s talk about it!”

The segment via Fox Business below:

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