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‘Sick, Sleazy, Misogynists’: Fox’s Steve Hilton Torches NBC News Bosses, Says They Should Be Fired for Being Weinstein ‘Enablers’

Fox News host Steve Hilton is calling for top management at NBC News to be fired over revelations in Ronan Farrow’s reporting about efforts to cover up and quash his reporting about Harvey Weinstein.

“It’s not just Weinstein who should be on trial,” Hilton said. “For decades powerful figures in the media and entertainment industries chose to ignore or cover up his evil.”

He called out NBC News chairman Andy Lack and NBC News president Noah Oppenheim and went into detail about Farrow’s reporting on the efforts to stop his reporting on Weinstein, saying, “We now know that NBC News is run by people who actively worked to keep Harvey Weinstein’s crimes a secret.”

“Why did NBC News go to such lengths to kill the Weinstein story? It wasn’t just the personal connections with NBC executives, it turns out that NBC News was covering up not only Weinstein’s crimes, but those of its very own violent sexual monster right at the heart of its schedule,” Hilton said, referring to Matt Lauer and the serious allegations against the former anchor.

He credited Rachel Maddow for having Farrow on her show a few months ago “to the fury of her bosses.” Maddow hosted Farrow back in October and excoriated network executives over Farrow’s reporting. Weeks earlier, Chris Hayes addressed the news as well and made a point of praising Farrow’s reporting.

“Every decent person at NBC,” Hilton said, “every decent shareholder at Comcast, rise up against the darkness at the heart of your organization. Insist that those sick, sleazy, misogynists, Noah Oppenheim and Andy Lack, Harvey Weinstein’s apologists and enablers, are sent packing. As long as they stay, NBC News will bear the stain of rape and sexual violence. As long as they stay, that is who they are.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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