‘Some People Might Call That Espionage’: Fox Panel Questions White House Official Testifying in Impeachment Inquiry


Based on a paragraph in a New York Times report about the testimony of NSC Ukraine expert Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in the impeachment inquiry, a guest on Fox News reacted to the detail from his record highlighted by Laura Ingraham by throwing out the word “espionage.”

Ingraham reported that Vindman’s statement will say he twice reported objections to President Donald Trump‘s Ukraine call. His opening statement reads that he “did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the U.S. government’s support of Ukraine.”

More interesting to Ingraham was a detail she described as “buried” in the Times article:

Because he emigrated from Ukraine along with his family when he was a child and is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, Ukrainian officials sought advice from him about how to deal with Mr. Giuliani, though they typically communicated in English.

This is the actual conversation that ensued based on that one paragraph:

INGRAHAM: Here we have a U.S. national security official, who is advising Ukraine while working inside the White House apparently against the president’s interest and usually, they spoke in English. Isn’t that kind of an interesting angle on this story?

JOHN YOO: I find that astounding. Some people might call that espionage.

Vindman, the Times reports, is a Ukranian-American immigrant and decorated Iraq war veteran who received a Purple Heart.

Yoo added that it “doesn’t actually seek to add any new facts to what we know,” saying “I don’t see how this breaking news adds more facts to what we know about whether this isn’t an impeachable offense or not.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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