Stephen Colbert Salutes Romney’s Position On Corporate Personhood: ‘Dr. Martin Luther, Inc.’

During a pre-debate soap box appearance yesterday at the Iowa State Fair, GOP front runner Mitt Romney was hectored by some aggressive individuals who insisted, among other things, that the corporate tax rate gets raised to save social security in lieu of middle income taxes. Romney’s now famous response of “corporations are people, my friend” caused quite a stir across the political media landscape, but only Stephen Colbert was willing to recognize, and yes salute, Romney’s brave position on corporate personhood.

After playing the clip in question, Colbert then illuminated viewers of his own role as pioneer in the subject at hand, in this case the unacceptable treatment of corporations as people. He then went on a run of gags that was impossibly both predictable, but still remarkably smart and funny. How does he do it?!

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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