Colbert Takes On Mitt Romney’s Libya Comments, ‘Premature Inauguration’

On Monday night, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert returned from a hiatus presumably spent gliding on eagles of solid gold to share his thoughts on Mitt Romney‘s remarks on Libya last week — remarks that might have constituted an example of “premature inauguration.”

As it turns out, Colbert explained, when Romney attacked President Obama over his response to the violent protests overseas, the President had not yet said anything — the statement to which Romney had reacted had, in fact, been put out by the Cairo embassy. Then, Colbert continued, came the barrage of attacks from the liberal media, cleverly disguised as the conservative media. This included former top Bush strategist Matthew Dowd’s quip that it “almost feels like Sarah Palin is [Romney’s] foreign policy adviser.”

“Oh come on,” said Colbert. “Sarah Palin would be a great foreign policy adviser. To her, all policy is foreign.”

The host then agreed with radio host Rush Limbaugh that “the sad reality” remains that Romney is “their” president.

He also took some time to share a very special card, courtesy of Mitt Romney.

Have a look, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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