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Stephen Miller’s Uncle Bashes Nephew on Maddow: ‘Trump and His Minions Have Legitimized Race Hatred’

Stephen Miller’s uncle spoke out against his own nephew on Monday night in an interview on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow, where he spoke about Miller’s role advancing President Donald Trump’s extreme immigration policy.

David Glosser drew headlines last year when he wrote an op-ed calling his nephew a hypocrite for his work as the architect of the Trump administration’s immigration policy. When he spoke to Maddow, he said that his nephew never responded to his criticisms — and went on to speak of “the cruelties being enacted” against immigrants.

“What hope I had of my nephew being touched by his own history was not very high to start with. He has made it his entire career, his entire persona built on this particular issue,” Glosser said. “The question isn’t why I wrote the piece, [it’s] why isn’t everybody writing this piece?”

Glosser emphasized the stories of individual migrants, saying “once you break it away from the idea thousands and thousands of people are being damaged and injured and hurt…It touches people and people will stand up and do the right thing if they have the central moral values.” This led to Maddow asking for Glosser’s thoughts about the Trump administration’s “political calculation” that being harsh to immigrants and tapping into “racist hate-mongering” is good for Trump.

“What’s repugnant is the assumption among the Trump Administration that somehow the majority of white Americans are racist when I don’t believe that to be the case, but that being perhaps their own personal motivations,” Glosser said. “The last time that a major presidential candidate ran on an overtly racist platform was George Wallace back in 1968. I thought we had grown beyond that. But now we see that Mr. Trump and his minions have legitimized race hatred as a means of sustaining and gaining political power and influence.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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