Steve Schmidt Blasts ‘Clown’ Trump Ahead of Immigration Address: ‘Where Are the Pesos?!’


Steve Schmidt went on a rant against President Donald Trump this afternoon, calling him a demagogue and prolific liar who’s creating an immigration emergency “out of whole cloth.”

He told Nicolle Wallace it’s “dangerous” for a political leader to “try to seize power by the declaration of an emergency on made-up facts.”

“You can look through history for the other autocrats, the other fascists, the other dictators who have tried to do and have in fact declared such things,” he added.

Wallace remarked upon Trump looking “impotent” and said he’s so weak politically he can’t even get enough Republicans on board with what he’s doing.

Schmidt responded by saying many Republicans “understand the idiocy” of this before arguing the bigger problem here is that no one takes POTUS seriously:

“He is a joke! He is a clown! He is incompetent! He is full of malice and meanness, but the one thing that he will never be is taken seriously. He has no ability to forward a domestic agenda of any type. He is reckless on the international stage. And so we see here the con man being exposed, people have come to see the wizard and the wizard has promised them the great wall of Trump paid for by the Mexicans, but at the moment for the unveiling of the wall, it appears to be an invisible one. And where are the pesos? Where are the Mexican pesos that the American people were promised would pay for this wall. There are no pesos!”

Wallace and the panel burst out laughing at Schmidt repeatedly bringing up the “pesos.”

He concluded that Trump’s address will just be “gaslighting the American people about 100 percent pure grade BS.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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