Stunning Report Says Capitol Mob Who Wanted to Hang Pence Was ONE MINUTE AWAY From Finding Him


The violent pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol last week, and had plans to hang Vice President Mike Pence, was reportedly just one minute away from finding him in the Senate chamber, according to The Washington Post. 

“Perilously close. That is how close he came to maybe encountering these rioters who had breached the Capitol complex,” CNN’s Jessica Schneider reported, noting that the Post completed a minute by minute account of the attack.

“And it is really stunning because it does come down to just minutes and in fact maybe even just one minute between when those rioters breached and were within sight of the vice president before he was whisked into another office,” she added.

The Post report also revealed that the vice president was not evacuated from the Senate chamber for roughly 14 minutes after Capitol Police announced the attempted storming of the room.

Schneider pointed out that this means Pence was not brought to a safe room until after rioters had entered the Capitol Building, chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!” 

“One minute after Pence was hustled out of the chamber, a group charged the stairs to a second floor landing in the Senate. That’s some of the video we’ve seen of those rioters rushing up the stairs,” Schneider added, noting that Pence was luckily “tucked away” in a nearby office before anyone could reach him.

Watch above, via CNN.

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