Tammy Bruce Objects to Ginger-Neutral Christmas Cookies: ‘Obviously, They’re Men’


On Fox News on Tuesday, host Tucker Carlson and contributor Tammy Bruce discussed the ‘War on Christmas’, and offered a recent controversial move to gender-less gingerbread cookies as an example of a new international front in the struggle.

“The war on Christmas is a global struggle,” said Carlson in his introduction of the segment. “In the parliament of Scotland – they have a national parliament – the coffee shop has stopped selling gingerbread men. Why? Gender specific. They’re not called gingerbread people, you don’t want to give them a gender without their consent.”

“You don’t even want to know how many bathrooms there are in gingerbread houses now,” Carlson joked. “A lot.”

Carlson brought in Bruce, who added a bit more to the backstory (see here) about the ginger-neutral baked goods and the attendant backlash.

“The left has worked now for a couple of generations to condition us to, ahead of time, worry about what we’re going to say,” she said, adding that the left wants people to think there is “danger” in some thoughts.

“So this baker, she said it was a whim, that she just thought, for no good reason, that she should not call them gingerbread, call them a gingerbread person,” said Bruce. “And I couldn’t tell, obviously, because they’re also not wearing clothes, so it’s hard to say what they’re doing and what they’re not doing.”

“She was apparently shocked that people were really upset about this,” Bruce continued, and explained that after a long period of time being abused or punished, that it can take a small thing to crack.

“In this case, it’s, you know, calling gingerbread men a gingerbread person when obviously, they’re men,” said Bruce.

“Maybe the lesson is that the rest of us shouldn’t participate in our own spiritual neutering,” said Carlson. “And that we should at every step along the way say ‘I’m not complying with that. Call HR on me, I’m not doing it.'”

They also mentioned playing the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as a form of protest or non-compliance.

They didn’t bring up the gender-neutral Santa Claus controversy of last week, but obviously it’s a related topic.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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