Tapper Claps Back After Sarah Palin Accuses Him of Misrepresenting Her Comments on Flake

During his interview with Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) following Flake’s barn-burning anti-Trump speech on the Senate floor today, CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked the outgoing senator if there was any truth to the notion that President Trump broke him, citing comments made by Trump defenders.

“Sarah Palin and Breitbart are saying things along the line right now that Trump broke you,” Tapper said. “What’s your response to that?”

Flake laughed a bit and dismissed it.

Shortly after Tapper made those remarks, Palin took to Twitter to challenge the CNN host’s comments, claiming she hadn’t said anything close to that.

Minutes later, Tapper responded, pointing to a tweet she had recently sent out:

The tweet she sent out included an attached article with a headline that read “Trump Broke Him!”:

Now, to be fair to the former Alaska Governor, the tweet that was sent from her account didn’t include “- SP,” which indicates it is a personal tweet from Palin. On the flip side, Tapper merely said Palin and Breitbart were saying things along the line that Trump broke Flake, which was indeed sent from Palin’s Twitter account.

Watch the clip of Flake/Tapper above, via CNN.

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