Tapper Slams Trump’s Spending Bill ‘News Conference’: ‘An Airing of Grievances, Festivus Style’


Jake Tapper led The Lead by basically shaking his head slowly at President Donald Trump‘s “news conference” today.

“After issuing a veto threat to the omnibus spending bill, the president suddenly announced he would hold a ‘news conference’ this afternoon,” Tapper explained. “I should note, with the exception of a couple questions from reporters on the president’s way out the door, the president didn’t hold a news conference at all today.”

“That wasn’t even the most unusual aspect of the non-news conference news conference. Dare I call it a ‘fake news conference,'” he continued. “This was more of an airing of grievances, frankly. Festivus style.”

“President Trump is not wrong that the appropriations process on Capitol Hill is pathetically broken and it has been for some time, but the president’s proposed remedies seemed a bit off,” Tapper said. Of Trump’s desire for Congress to give him a line item veto for all government spending bills, Tapper explained: “There was a Supreme Court case about the line item veto. It was back in 1998: Clinton v. the City of New York. The line item veto, 20 years ago, was deemed unconstitutional.”

Of Trump’s urging to get rid of the filibuster, Tapper said: “You’re not going to get U.S. Senate to agree to ending the filibuster since the filibuster rules allow the minority party to have some power and every senator knows that soon enough, that could be them.”

Finally, when Trump bemoaned Democrats’ reluctance to include DACA recipients in the spending bill, Tapper clarified: “It is true the Democrats did not go along with the deal offered them by Republicans to fund the border wall in exchange for legal status for dreamers, that’s accurate. But President Trump is the one that ended the DACA program with a self-imposed deadline.”

“So, to sum up the news conference that was held today, the president’s continued battle with facts continues unabated, starting with the very basics about what the event was, continuing to the substance of the legislation, and ending with some basic misunderstandings of governance,” he concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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