comScore John Berman Declares 'Quid Pro Quo' On Bill Talyor Testimony

‘The Other Shoe Just Dropped’: CNN’s John Berman Declares ‘Quid Pro Quo’ After Bill Taylor Testimony

CNN’s John Berman suggested House Democrats have their smoking gun on President Donald Trump, based on the revelations from Bill Taylor’s testimony before Congress.

CNN’s New Day got the ball rolling on Wednesday morning by cycling through the headlines that emerged from the top Ukraine diplomat’s closed-door remarks. Taylor seemed to solidify the Trump-Ukraine scandal by saying that not only was U.S. military aid to Ukraine contingent on a publicly-announced investigation of the Biden family and the 2016 election, but also Taylor attested to a “highly irregular” Ukraine backchannel involving Gordon Sondland, Kurt Volker, Rick Perry, and Rudy Giuliani.

“The other shoe just dropped,” Berman said as he and Alisyn Camerota looked at the headlines from New York Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

“It’s really consistent,” Camerota noted.

“There’s another way to say that. You know what it is?” Berman asked. “It’s quid pro quo. The other way to say that is quid pro quo.”

Berman went on to call Taylor’s testimony “the single most consequential development in the impeachment investigation,” and now, “it is no longer a question of whether this happened. It’s a question of how the president explains it and how lawmakers, especially Republicans, plan to respond to it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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