The View Confronts Marianne Williamson on 2020 Run, Vaccines: ‘You Sound a Lot Like Trump!’


Democratic 2020 hopeful Marianne Williamson faced a tough going on Thursday when she joined The View and was confronted on her run for president and policy positions.

Joy Behar asked Williamson how she intends to navigate her agenda through Congress without any political experience on her record. Williamson countered that politicians are “entrenched in the mindset” of limitations they’ve seen over their years at work, adding, “I challenge the idea that the people who got us in this ditch are the only ones who can get us out of it.”

“That’s what Trump said,” Behar shot back. “That’s exactly what Trump said.”

“That’s like saying the Challenger exploded so we shouldn’t do space travel anymore,” Williamson retorted.

As Williamson continued to grapple with the panel over the merits of having political experience, she eventually pivoted to her frequent argument that America needs an “awakening” from its current, “corrupt,” “aristocratic situation.”

“You sound a lot like Trump!” Meghan McCain said in an echo of Behar. “It sounds a lot like Trump, just so we’re clear. This is his message.”

McCain moved on to bring up Williamson’s comments about childhood vaccinations, having called them “draconian” and “Orwellian” at a recent campaign event. Williamson insisted that she “misspoke” and is not really anti-vaccine, but she protested “blind faith” in pharmaceutical companies and their relationships with the government.

“The fact that you have a problem with the revolving door policy by which Big Pharma and the CDC and the FDA are so cozy so that millions of Americans who are not anti-science and are not anti-vaccine have some deep concerns. The days of blind faith in Big Pharma are over. The days of blind faith in the idea that our government agencies are doing the proper oversight and proper advocacy for the American people, against, at times, the overreach against profit-making industries that are putting money before people, that is not an irrational or unreasonable thing.”

Williamson continued to say that, as president, “there will be a commission of scientists learning so that the American people see what’s going on with these vaccines who are not paid by Big Pharma.” When asked if she supports mandatory vaccinations or not, she answered, “I understand the issue of public safety must come first. But I also understand that we must have a balance between public safety and the issues of individual freedom.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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