The View Goes Off the Rails Debating Report on Ivanka’s Private Emails: ‘How Dumb Can a Person Be?’


The View opened their show Tuesday with a heated discussion of Ivanka Trump‘s reported use of a personal email account to conduct White House business.

The panel began by noting the irony of Ivanka Trump using her private account for government business even after her father devoted countless hours presidential campaign to trashing Hillary Clinton for her own email scandal.

While the two controversies aren’t exactly the same, numerous media figures have pointed out the hypocrisy, and Joy Behar asked facetiously “how dumb can a person be to go make the same mistake [Donald Trump] has been bitching about the whole time?”

Sunny Hostin called Ivanka’s private account usage “the height of hypocrisy” for the president, and claimed Ivanka’s alleged actions are a byproduct of nepotism in the White House. Abby Huntsman acknowledged the hypocrisy as well – though she added that she doubts Ivanka used her personal account to deal with classified intelligence. And Meghan McCain agreed that its not a good look for the administration.

But the segment broke down in the final seconds. McCain brought up the differences between Ivanka and Clinton’s email scandals, and Whoopi Goldberg asked whether those differences really matter in the grand scheme of things. McCain argued that the president’s alleged use of an insecure cell phone is a much bigger concern than Ivanka’s emails, and that quickly spiraled into a heated chat over which side is most endangering national security.

Watch above, via ABC.

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