The View Shreds Trump For Attacks on WH Reporters: ‘Irresponsible, Offensive, and Condemnable’

The View this morning blasted President Donald Trump for his continued attacks on White House reporters, from Jim Acosta to April Ryan to Abby Phillip.

Joy Behar wanted to know what Trump is picking on Ryan for. Sunny Hostin said, “He has a problem with anyone that will challenge him much like many dictators have that problem. He doesn’t want you to believe your eyes.”

She expressed her disgust about Trump’s lack of “elegance and class,” while Ana Navarro pointed out that Trump is going right back to attacking people who work at CNN weeks after CNN was targeted by the mail bomber.

Meghan McCain pointed out that, given the mob outside Tucker Carlson‘s house this week, threats against the media aren’t just coming from the President.

Navarro said it’s clearly an awful thing to do, but she said, “I hold the President of the United States to a higher standard… To continue attacking the press this way is, frankly, irresponsible, offensive and condemnable.”

Abby Huntsman agreed that the tone starts at the top, and McCain noted how Trump’s spats with the press are getting in the way of serious issues that deserve more attention.

Watch above, via ABC.

[image via screengrab]

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