The View’s Sunny Hostin Sparks Fascinating Debate By Arguing Milley May Have Committed Treason: Trump is No Excuse for ‘Silent Coup’


Sunny Hostin set off a fascinating debate on The View with a take that might be considered surprising by many fans of the show.

In the opening segment of Tuesday’s edition of the ABC daytime talk show, Hostin – whose position seldom aligns with that of former President Donald Trumpconcurs with him fully that Mark Milley’s reported actions taken to circumvent the chain of command and protect the U.S. nuclear arsenal constitute treason.

“I think that you break command in that way, you are committing treason,” Hostin said. “You’re going outside of the chain of command. I worked for the government for many years [as a federal prosecutor], and it is sacrosanct to go within the chain of command. And I know that it was done to protect us from wars so that wars would not be started. I think the former twice-disgraced, twice-impeached, former disgraced president was perfectly capable of starting a nuclear war, especially after his loss. But I think there’s just no excuse for a silent coup — which I think that’s what that is.”

Joy Behar disagreed.

“The whole time Trump was president, I was home saying, ‘Please God, make there be an adult who controls this lunatic,'” Behar said. “I was praying. Let there be somebody in the room who holds his arm back when he goes to that button. And I blame all the people around him and his Cabinet who did not invoke the 25th amendment. Obviously, he was nuts. We’ve seen it for four years. We saw the crazy behavior. And God bless General Milley for straightening things out. I know that the chain of command is sacrosanct, I understand that. But this was an emergency. We had a certifiable nut case in the White House!”

Sara Haines took umbrage with Behar’s argument and questioned how the same scenario would be handled if the shoe were on the other foot.

“Some people — I do not agree with this — but some people feel that President [Joe] Biden is dealing with some senility,” Haines said. “Imagine now if you handed that power over and said ‘Well, Trump did it and they went to China and checked … You have to be okay with the issue on both sides of the pendulum.”

Whoopi Goldberg sided with Behar — rendering the View panel deadlocked on this issue. Invoking the movie Fail Safe — in which the president cannot stop a nuclear order which was given in error — Goldberg argued that the power to fire nuclear weapons should not rest with just one person and that a system of “checks and balances” should be implemented.

“This is a good time for America to maybe take a look at some of the chain of command, and see if we need a little bit of Fail Safe in there — in the event that this comes up again,” Goldberg said. “Because presidents are only human. So they have all kinds of ups and downs, and this and that.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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