The Young Turks Shreds Kamala Harris’ Waffling ‘Medicare for All’ Stance: ‘Fake Progressive’

The Young Turks pummeled Senator Kamala Harris on Tuesday as they reviewed her flip-flopping positions on universal healthcare.

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian led the segment by noting how Bernie Sanders recently went after his 2020 presidential rival by calling out her vague positions on Medicare for All. This was accompanied by a swipe at Harris for accepting donations from billionaire fundraisers during an event in the Hamptons.

After showing clips of Harris maneuvering around numerous healthcare questions, Uygur called it “nonstop” flip-flopping before declaring “I’m done” with the California senator.

“Is she going to do Medicare for all? Hell no she’s not,” Uygur said. He concluded his riff by pronouncing Harris a “fake progressive and a very standard politician.”

Kasparian agreed, saying it was “a typical, slimy politician thing to do” when Harris raised her hand on Medicare for all on the debate stage, just to retreat in an interview hours later. After Kasparian and Uygur raised further questions about Harris’ position, they looked at her proposal for a 10 year transition plan, which Kasparian boiled down to mean “[she’s] not going to do anything.”

“What kind of a plan is that?” Uygur asked, noting that Harris idea wouldn’t even come to fruition during her presidency.

Watch above, via The Young Turks.

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