‘This Is a Virtual Cult!’ CNN’s Stelter Goes Off on Trump’s ‘Incredibly Dangerous’ Winking at QAnon


CNN’s Brian Stelter tore into President Donald Trump for his nodding approval for the QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

Stelter joined Anderson Cooper on Thursday for a segment on the insane ideas at the root of QAnon and how they’ve been embraced by Trump’s supporters. The two of them especially focused on Trump claiming to be ignorant about QAnon before encouraging their wacky conspiracies and praising their believers as “people that love our country.”

Stelter began by noting that Q fans appeared at Trump’s rallies in the past, plus the fact that the president has boosted the movement’s followers multiple times. As such, “it is very hard to imagine the president doesn’t know what this is about.”

“Whether he does or not, it’s disgraceful,” Stelter said. “If he doesn’t know, he needs to know, because too many of his supporters are buying into these lies, spreading these lies, and endangering fellow Americans. If he is does know what it’s about and he’s winking and nodding to them, that is incredibly dangerous.”

Stelter argued that it’s not enough to call QAnon a conspiracy theory anymore. Instead, Stelter proclaimed “this is a virtual cult,” and thanks to Trump, “it is no longer fringe. It is becoming mainstream.”

The discussion continued with Cooper and Stelter noting the preposterous beliefs of QAnon and efforts being taken to stop them from spreading.

Watch above, via CNN.

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