Tim Ryan: El Paso Shooter’s Alleged Manifesto is ‘So Similar’ to Language From Trump’s Rallies, Tweets

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Tim Ryan slammed Donald Trump on Sunday by drawing a connection between the president’s rhetoric and the anti-immigration screed the El Paso shooter allegedly published before his massacre.

The congressman joined CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning to discuss the aftermath of the shootings in Texas and Ryan’s home state of Ohio. When the conversation focused on the events in El Paso, Ryan said that he reviewed the shooter’s alleged manifesto and “you cannot not connect the President of the United States and his rhetoric” to that of the shooter.

“I read that manifesto this morning a couple of times. The language in there is so similar to the kind of language that you hear at a Trump rally, you see in his tweets,” Ryan said. “The president isn’t just speaking to really smart people who are stable at his rallies. He’s speaking to the lowest common denominator, to where this jackass gets in a car and drives ten hours to go kill Latinos and Hispanics and Mexicans.”

Ryan continued by saying Trump is “creating a culture and an environment in which this stuff keeps happening.” As he lamented Congress’ “dysfunctional” state of being on gun safety, Tapper asked him whether he believes Trump is a white nationalist.

“Well, the white nationalists think he’s a white nationalist,” Ryan answered. “They said he’s going to implement their agenda. That’s all you need to know. It’s causing killings happening here in the United States and it’s created a toxic culture now in the United States around the immigration issue, now around the gun issue, and he has to bear responsibility.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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