Trevor Noah Rips Rudy Giuliani Over Trump-Ukraine Scandal: He ‘Was the Anus of This Entire Operation!’


Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah conducted a hilarious and scathing mock impeachment of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, using only the latter’s bizarre and contradictory media interviews about the raging Trump-Ukraine scandal to present an airtight case that “Rudy Giuliani was the anus of this entire operation” and “one crazy-assed mother.”

Wearing judges’ robes and white wig, Noah affected a stentorian accent in his mock trial of the “personal attorney to the president and courageous rabies survivor.”

First charge: ringleader of the conspiracy to get Ukraine to investigate potential 2020 rival Joe Biden.

Noting that Giuliani was mentioned 30 times in the anonymous whistleblower’s report about Trump’s abuse of power, Noah came to a swift decision: “Yes, it appears Rudy Giuliani was the anus of this entire operation! Everything passed through him and it stinks to high heaven!”

Count, the second: Giuliani’s disastrous media blitz has only made things worse for Trump.

Rolling a now infamous, cringe-worthy clip of Giuliani contradicting himself within the span of 10 seconds, Noah again found the president’s attorney guilty as charged.

“Yes! It appears Giuliani was outsmarted by Chris Cuomo, which in and of itself is a crime!” Noah snarked. “Even worse, this so-called mastermind confessed on national television. Never in my four-minute career as a judge have I seen anything like this! The more Giuliani speaks, the more he implicates Donald Trump. He’s like the conservative Tekashi 6ix9ine, that snitching ass bitch.”

Final charge: Giuliani is “one crazy-assed mother.”

Playing additional video of Giuliani pushing weird tangents and wild conspiracies while insulting other cable news guests on Fox News, Noah rendered the same verdict once again.

“Order, order! Clearly this man is out of control,” he yelled. “It says a lot when you are the most unhinged person on Fox News. That’s like being the smelliest person at a Burning Man, very hard to pull off. And so, I think I’ve seen all I need to render my verdict. On the charges of interfering in foreign affairs, acting as the president’s personal thug, and just being an overall hot mess in breach of the Hot Mess Act of 1834, this court finds you, Rudolph William Dracula Giuliani, guilty! Your punishment will be 200 years of community service, where you will be frightening children at one of those spooky Halloween houses. Court is adjourned!”

Watch the video above, via Comedy Central. 

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