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‘Trump Is The Virus’: Anthony Scaramucci Urges Trump To Be “Quarantined” From Twitter

Former White House director of communications Anthony Scaramucci ripped President Donald Trump Monday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe with co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski over his response to the coronavirus outbreak, saying Trump was the “virus” that had chilled markets and was “replicating” through the executive branch.

Scaramucci also called on White House staff to have a group intervention with the president and send him into “a verbal communication quarantine.”

“We can talk about what’s going on inside the White House. You know a lot of the players in there right now. Let’s talk about what’s happening on Wall Street,” Scarborough began. “Obviously, the president got what he finally wanted from the fed which is reducing the interest rates about as low as you can reduce them. And yet we still have a run. Australia last night, lost about 10% of their market value. Asia also routed. Europe routed. And it looks like that’s going to be happening to the United States markets, as well.”

“Wall Street set up for a very grim open. Why do you think the fed cut, the dramatic fed action yesterday is having no impact on the markets this morning?” Scarborough asked Scaramucci. 

“I think, Joe, good morning, but I actually think the fed has had a major impact on the markets. This would be way worse if they didn’t make that dramatic Sunday night cut, and why is that? Because you literally have set a pause button on the global economy for three to six months. And as you know, many people in the United States and globally are living paycheck to paycheck or if you’re in a small business, you’re living revenue day to revenue day, and a result of which, when you step back and analyze the economy. Forget about the market for a second, there are many businesses and many families that won’t be able to sustain that,” Scaramucci stated. 

The former White House communications director, turned Trump critic, then blasted his former boss calling him a “virus.”

“The next thing that the market knows and people are starting to figure this out now is that Donald Trump is the virus. At the end of the day, what he’s done is affected and replicated through the executive branch, and he’s destroyed the crisis management elements of the executive branch that we need right now.”

“Not only here in the United States, but globally,” Scaramucci added. 

Scaramucci then doubled down, saying that Trump has worked against the markets by not communicating effectively to the American people with respect to the coronavirus. 

“But the market does know, Joe, that Donald Trump is actually the virus and he’s replicated throughout the executive branch, and has more or less decapitated their ability to handle this crisis,” Scaramucci stated. 

Scaramucci was then asked how he would advise the White House to communicate during this time of crisis if he still worked there.

Scaramucci fired back, stating the White House staff needs to have an intervention with Trump. 

“It’s very simple. The first thing is to have a group intervention with the president and explain to him what he is doing in terms of telling people we’ve got it under control, and this litany of 18,000 or 20,000 lies at this point. They’ve got to isolate him. He almost needs to go into a verbal communication quarantine to help out the rest of the nation. The second step you have to do is listen to Dr. Fauci.”

“We likely need a 14 to a 21-day quarantine of all nonessential services in the United States,” Scaramucci declared. 

Scaramucci said White House staff need to remove Trump from in front of the cameras and defer to experts such as Dr. Fauci to do the communicating. 

“If you listen to any of the people that really understand this problem, directionally, we’ll probably save the excess capacity issues we’re going to have in the hospital. So, to me, step one, quarantine the president. Get him off of Twitter. Get him away from a television camera, and then, step two, bring people in like Dr. Fauci to explain what’s going on and take immediate and aggressive action here. You have to overcompensate for the mistakes that have been made, but we need to do it immediately.”

Scaramucci was then asked by Princeton professor Eddie Glaude“Do you think [Vice President Mike Pence] will run, given his forward-looking voice? Do you think he’s going to run afoul with Donald Trump?”

“I think that’s the big problem,” Scaramucci responded. 

They all know that the president is the only star in the Donald Trump musical. The spotlight is only on one person. So, when anybody else takes that spotlight, and Vice President Pence is doing a very good job in terms of communicating, working super hard. The president won’t like that. He did that to Rex TillersonSomebody like Rex Tillerson’s prestige, Donald Trump’s self-hatred would force him to throw someone in the volcano — Mike Pence, knows that could end up in the president’s volcano, as well,” Scaramucci concluded. 

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