Trump Official Peter Navarro Says White House Staff Assumes ‘There Will Be a Second Trump Term’


The New York Times is reporting that President Donald Trump knows the 2020 election is over. Joe Biden has pulled ahead in Arizona by a margin big enough to rule out a recount, and holds large leads in states that simply will not be overturned by the Trump campaign’s invention of election fraud.

Still, some Trump officials are keeping the faith.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Friday that the administration is behaving as if Trump will serve another four years in office.

“We are moving forward here at the White House on the assumption that there will be second Trump term,” Navarro said.

Navarro proceeded to lay out a deranged theory casting the counting of votes as a nefarious practice, and concluding that Trump actually won an election he lost by millions of votes nationally and by hundreds of thousands of votes in key states:

My own view, looking at this election, we have what appears in some sense to be, an immaculate deception. If you look statistically at what happened, clearly the president won this election, was leading on Election Day, and then after Election Day somehow in these key battleground states they got just enough votes to catch up to the president.

As has been explained in these pages and elsewhere countless times, vote counting during the coronavirus pandemic is a time-consuming affair, and the time it takes to count mail in ballots, which tend to lean Democratic, meant that Biden’s lead against Trump grew as time went on.

The conspiracy theory that Trump won the election on Election Night until it was stolen from him through magically appearing ballots is absurd, but it went unchallenged by Bartiromo.

“Our assumption is the second Trump term, we think he won that election, and, any speculation about what Joe Biden might do I think is moot at this point,” Navarro said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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