Trump Praises Fox Business Host and Front Row Guest Lou Dobbs Prior to Signing China Trade Deal


President Donald Trump and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs have a very close relationship which was on full display in the White House East Room this afternoon as the president is set to sign a China and U.S. Trade Agreement.

High praise from President Donald Trump was bestowed upon Dobbs, billing the Fox host as “the great Lou Dobbs” with calling is Fox show a “very important” program to tune into.

“So we have some incredible people in the audience and I just would like to introduce a few. A very good friend of mine, two very good friends of mine, Sheldon Adelson, Miriam Adelson, thank you very much both for coming. They’ve been tremendous supporters of us and the Republican Party,” President Donald Trump stated to a packed audience.

President Trump then pointed out Dobbs who was seated in the front row of the crowd.

“A man who always liked me, because he is smart, so smart. The great Lou Dobbs. You know, at first, he said, he is the best since Reagan. Then he got to know me more and more and he said he is even better than Reagan,” President Donald Trump continued.

“Then a few weeks ago, somebody told me – and I watch all the time – somebody has a very important show, actually, tremendous audience and very, everybody in this room watches, but Lou Dobbs says he is the greatest of them all. I said does that include Washington and Lincoln?”

“And he said yes. I don’t know if he was for real, but that’s okay. But he is. He is, the great Lou Dobbs, thank you very much, Lou. Thank you,” President Donald Trump stated before noon on Wednesday. 

The recognition of Dobbs was followed with applause by the audience at the signing ceremony.

“Great show, Lou. And a man who everybody knows – he knows more than probably everybody in this room put together. He is seen it all. And he made a statement to Jared, Jared came in, said, you know, Henry Kissinger told me, how did the president ever pull this off? I said, can I quote Henry on that? Because Henry is outstanding and when Henry is impressed with something and I’ll impressed. Henry, we’re impressed with you. Thank you very much for being here. Thank you,” President Trump concluded.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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