Trump Says He’s ‘Not Satisfied’ With Saudi Arabia’s Answers in Jamal Khashoggi Case


While speaking with reporters outside the White House today, President Donald Trump said he is “not satisfied” with Saudi Arabia’s answers to questions about their involvement in Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance this month.

“Do you believe what the Saudis have said about Kashoggi? Are they telling the truth?” One reporter asked as Trump left the White House grounds.

“I’m going to know very shortly because I have a great group of people in Turkey right now and a great group of people in Saudi Arabia,” he replied. “We will know very soon. We have tremendously talented people that do this stuff very well. They’re coming back tonight and tomorrow. And I will know very soon. I am not satisfied with what I’ve heard.”

Trump made the remark after news broke this morning on a Saudi operative who dressed in Khashoggi’s clothes after he entered a Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey and has not been seen since. It is believed a body double put on his clothes and walked around the city in an attempt to show that Khashoggi was still alive after exiting the consulate.

Saudi officials have denied knowing about Khashoggi’s murder for several weeks, but recently changed course to say that the journalist was accidentally killed in the consulate after a fight broke out due to an argument. Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir is now calling what happened a “murder” and a “tremendous mistake,” but the regime officially still claims to not know the whereabouts of Khashoggi’s body.

However, if the Saudis did use a body double, obviously that would refute the notion that his killing was an accident.

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