Tucker Carlson Floats Conspiracy Theory: CNN ‘Openly Colluded With Mueller’s Prosecutors’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered the Robert Mueller hearings on Wednesday by floating a pretty staggering conspiracy theory: that CNN “openly colluded” with the special counsel during his investigation.

Ahead of an interview with Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart, Carlson turned to an important piece of the story of Russian interference in the 2016 election, CNN and its president Jeff Zucker.

“Well believe it or not, CNN was once a semi-serious news network,” Carlson said. “Some of us used to work there.” (Carlson worked at CNN in the early 2000s).

“Then a former entertainment producer named Jeffrey Zucker took over the place,” Carlson, a former Fox & Friends Weekend host, said. He was presumably referring to Zucker’s breakout job as executive producer of NBC’s Today show.

“Zucker has long aspired to run for office as a Democrat, he’s bragged about it,” Carlson continued. “And so he decided to use CNN as his personal mouthpiece for political purposes.”

Accusing CNN of being the biggest promoter of the “absurd Russia hoax,” Carlson said “Zucker’s puppets on the channel openly colluded with Robert Mueller’s prosecutors.”

“For one example,” Carlson alleged, “Mueller’s team clearly tipped off CNN before arresting Roger Stone at his home in Florida. There was a CNN crew on the scene before dawn to humiliate Stone.”

Carlson then aired video from the hearing of Rep. Stewart asking Mueller whether he had ever leaked information to CNN regarding the raid. Mueller replied characteristically: “I’m not going to speak to that.”

CNN has rejected the theory that its reporters were tipped off about the raid on Roger Stone, instead asserting the stakeout of his home was the result of good reporting. CNN’s Brian Stelter provided a comprehensive rebuttal of the “conspiracy theory” at the time.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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