Tucker Carlson: How Can NFL Owners Be Racist If 70% of Players Are Black?


A night after he said NFL players were going out of their way to show fans how much they hate America by protesting racial injustice, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson weighed in some more on the topic. And in this instance, he wanted to know how there could even be any racism in the NFL since the majority of the players are black.

The Fox News host brought on NAACP Atlanta Chapter Vice President Gerald Griggs to discuss the recent #ImWithKap protest in front of the NFL headquarters in which hundreds of demonstrators expressed outrage over the continued unemployment of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Carlson also mentioned that the NAACP is threatening a boycott of the league if they can’t get a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Immediately, Carlson resorted to the tactic of forcing Griggs to answer the following question — how can the league be racist if 70% of the players are African-American?

“So have you a league that is 70% African-American. 70% of the players are black as compared to about 13% of the population so clearly, there is no racism in hiring. Here you have a guy who signed a contract in 2014 for like $126 million. Collected $39 million of that. Just on the basis of those facts alone, it’s hard to see how Colin Kaepernick, at 29, is a victim of racism. Tell me how he is.”

After Griggs pointed out that the league employs over 90 quarterbacks and Kaepernick was the 17th best one last year, Carlson once again brought up the ‘blacks are the majority in the league’ point:

“Now maybe the owners are making a poor decision in not picking up Colin Kaepernick. I’m not qualified to assess that and I doubt you are either. What makes you suspect it’s racial? Again, the league is 70% black. If anything, it seems like it might be able to use a little diversity. I mean, that’s not — I mean, how is that racism? I’m honestly confused.”

Griggs responded by pointing out that all but one of the 32 owners in the league are white before once again pointing to Kaepernick’s stats to makes the case that he should at the very least have an NFL job.

“Let me ask you a question: if the owners are racist, why are 70% of their employees black?” Carlson retorted. “I mean, wouldn’t they not want to hire black people if they are racist and pay them hundreds of millions of dollars?”

Eventually, Carlson would point to black children being born out of wedlock as a problem Griggs and the NAACP should focus on rather than helping Kaepernick make millions more. The NAACP VP claimed that Tucker was trying to “bait” him and he pressed back, asking him to tell him what the out-of-wedlock child birth rate was in Atlanta.

“I don’t know,” Carlson said. “Here you are sucking up to a guy who just signed a $126 million contract. I think in a country of 320 million you could find someone who is actually the victim of racism or oppression.”

The whole thing would break down, as Carlson segments tend to do, with Carlson accusing Griggs of making money off of the protest from Kaepernick and Tucker snickering as the interview came to an end.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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