Fox Sports’ Clay Travis: Robert Lee Fiasco Shows ‘ESPN Has Become a Far Left-Wing Network’


Over the past few days, if you’ve watched cable news, you probably heard the name Clay Travis tossed around or even saw him on your TV. The Fox Sports Radio host and Outkick the Coverage owner is the man who broke the Robert Lee/ESPN story and has been making the media rounds to slam Worldwide Leader for bowing to potential liberal outrage in pulling Lee from a University of Virginia game in Charlottesville.

This morning, Travis popped up on CNN’s Smerconish to discuss the controversy and used the appearance to get some more shots at ESPN.

After host Michael Smerconish highlighted ESPN’s explanation of the situation, pointing out the network may have just been trying to look out for Lee’s brand, Travis assailed ESPN and said they did major harm to the announcer.

What ESPN did, they threw his guy under the bus, they drove over him and then backed over him again and tried to blame him for the decision they made,” he exclaimed.

Pointing out that Lee is a “victim,” Travis then claimed that ESPN has turned into a liberal political outlet while noting that he was given the scoop by people working at the network.

“ESPN has become a far left wing network and this is evidence of the fact,” the sports host said. “By the way, Michael, I think this is important, it was ESPN employees who tipped me off to the story. And they said, my God, you’re so right about the criticism of our network. We don’t have the freedom to say our political beliefs.”

He would end the segment by claiming that ESPN is suffering from a “lack of diversity of thought.”

Following Travis’ Robert Lee story, The Daily Beast published a piece on the provocative host, describing his as the “Alex Jones” of sports. The article noted that his framing of ESPN as a liberal mouthpiece could be business decision to gain more attention in non-sports media and drive interest in his site and Fox Sports 1, ESPN’s biggest competitor.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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