Tucker Carlson Dismisses Ex-Clinton Adviser Connecting Trump Rhetoric to Pipe Bomb Mailed to Soros

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a laugh on Tuesday over the news that an explosive device was recently found in the mailbox for right-wing bogeyman and billionaire philanthropist, George Soros.

Carlson had former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines on his show tonight for a debate about left-wing figures accosting conservatives and Trump Administration officials out in public. Reines defended protesters and slammed Trump for his constant use of incendiary rhetoric, while Carlson insisted that conservatives don’t lead crowds against Democrats in public because “they’re not monsters,” unlike the left.

Eventually, Reines brought up how Trump recently invoked Soros, and then immediately followed up with the news about the reported pipe bomb mailed to Soros’ suburban house.

“In the last ten days, Donald Trump used the name George Soros for the first time in his presidency, and the guy had a pipe bomb in his mailbox last night,” Reines said. “We are talking about whether or not Sarah Sanders gets her Cornish hen — why do you think they did? You think it’s a coincidence?”

As Reines made his point, Carlson started cackling to himself.

“I’ve criticized Soros a thousand times,” Carlson said. “I hope he’ll live long enough I can continue to criticize him.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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