Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN’s Brian Stelter For Coverage of Fox News – Stelter Responds: ‘Neither I Nor CNN’ Said What You Claim


Tucker Carlson mocked CNN’s Brian Stelter for focusing more on ripping Fox News than following his own channel on Monday night, prompting Stelter to respond that Carlson had misinterpreted his claims.

The jab came after Carlson played a clip from Sunday’s Reliable Sources, where Stelter asked a guest, “When you see entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent of that on the left, tearing down Trump?”

“There really isn’t,” Errin Haines replied to Stelter. “It’s really a diet of this type of information that a lot of these voters are getting … when I interview them, I do hear them saying a lot of the talking points that sound very familiar from some of these shows which I try to listen to when I’m out on the campaign trail or when I’m at home, watching TV.”

“That’s a really good point, nobody criticizes Trump in the media,” Carlson said sarcastically on Monday night. “And I think what we need more of is people attacking Trump. Turns out, the people who work over at the Cable News Network don’t watch it. They watch this channel full-time, so we dug up some clips of their edification.”

Carlson then aired a supercut of Stelter, Don Lemon, and Chris Cuomo ripping Trump over a plethora of topics throughout the years. “He is human garbage any practices mind control,” Carlson said, trying to mock the hosts.

Responding to a clip of Carlson’s comments on Twitter, Stelter wrote, “Funny how neither I nor CNN said what you, uh, just claimed we said. I merely asked a question, in the middle of a discussion about right-wing talk radio stars that rant instead of report.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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