Tucker Carlson Questions Whether Trump is Trying to Sabotage His Reelection Chances


Tucker Carlson used a portion of his Thursday show to ask whether it’s possible President Donald Trump is deliberately trying to torpedo his chances of getting re-elected.

As part of a segement examining the 2020 landscape, Carlson wondered wondered if Trump has “had enough” between “too many investigations, too much nastiness, too few upsides.”

“It wouldn’t be a crazy conclusion,” the Fox News host said. “How would you like to spend your 70s locked in the White House?”

From there, Carlson expanded on the hypothetical by noting several Trump administration policies and proposals that would not go over well with Trump’s base. Coincidentally, he listed several actions that the White House is reportedly thinking about, if not, actively engaged in.

Carlson said Trump could “start by proposing half a billion dollars in Medicare cuts,” which Trump did consider before punting health care as an issue to be addressed after 2020. Carlson also floated the possibility of Trump cutting funding for E-Verify, reducing prison sentences for people there on drug charges, and continuing “our pointless military intervention in Syria.”

“If the president did all of that, the message would be very clear,” Carlson said. “He has no idea what he ran on in 2016, he just wants out.”

If that doesn’t work, Carlson said, the next thing Trump would have to do is raise the gas tax since that would be so “mindless and counterproductive” nobody would be able to get behind that.

“Hiking taxes on working class rural people is not on the list, unless you secretly want to retire early. In that case, if you are really sick of the job, go with the gas tax.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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