Tucker Carlson Rips Iran ‘Chest-Beaters’ Making ‘The Usual War-Like Noises’ After Strike on Soleimani


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night criticized President Donald Trump’s strike on a top Iranian general as “lumbering toward” war, and tonight he told viewers that they should have serious questions about potential war with Iran.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that by the next time this show airs, we could be engaged in a conflict — a real conflict — with Iran. From Iran’s perspective, we’re already there. If Iranian forces killed the chairman of our joint chiefs of staff, for example, would you consider it an act of war? You were,” he said.

Carlson questioned the assessment of an “imminent threat” and posed a few questions like “Is Iran really the greatest threat we face? And who’s actually benefiting from this? And why are we continuing to ignore the decline of our own country in favor of jumping into another quagmire from which there is no obvious exit?”

He swiped at “chest-beaters” making “the usual war-like noises, the ones they always make,” calling out Senator Ben Sasse in particular for defending the president’s “obligation to defend America by killing this bastard.”

“But before we enter into a single new war, there’s a criterion that ought to be met: our leaders should be required to explain how that conflict will make the United States richer and more secure,” Carlson continued. “There are an awful lot of bad people in this world, we can’t kill them all. It isn’t our job… In every single place, each of these conflicts has turned out to be longer, bloodier, and more expensive than we were promised in the first place. The benefits—often they’ve been non-existent. A lot of lectures about how the people we’re killing deserve to die. Certainly they did. Hope that makes you feel better.”

“In 2016, Donald Trump ran on a promise of fewer foreign adventures… He vowed instead to focus on our problems here at home, which are growing. Against the odds, he won that election, probably because of that promise,” he added. “But ever since, Washington — including some around the president — have been committed to ignoring the results of that election and its implications. Washington has wanted war with Iran for decades. They’ve been working toward it. They may have finally gotten it.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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