Tucker Carlson Slams Don Lemon: He Wants You to Know That ‘Just Like Jussie Smollett’ He Is ‘A Holy Victim’


“Why did this happen?” That’s the question that Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson asked about the Jussie Smollett case on Thursday night, both rhetorically in his monologue, and later to his guests. His own answer was that in America, “victimhood is power.” And that power won Smollett new best friends, like CNN’s Don Lemon.

Carlson devoted a good portion of the monologue to Lemon, with whom he has traded aggressively critical segments in the past. After introducing the story, and asking why this happened, Carlson answered that Smollett did this because he expected more fame, money, respect, and power from being a victim. Carlson said the plan was working until the hoax was revealed. He showed some clips, including from the Robin Roberts interview, then started on Lemon.

“Well, before he claimed that white supremacists beat him up on the street, most people had never heard of Jussie Smollett,” said Carlson. “And after he became a victim everybody wanted to be his friend.”

“Here’s Don Lemon over on CNN bragging how he texts his new pal Jussie every single day. He has his cell number. That’s how close they are. Really tight!” said Carlson mockingly.

After the clip, he continued. “‘You can talk to me’, Don Lemon says, ‘because there aren’t a lot of us out there.'”

“Well here’s the translation,” said Tucker. “‘Us’ means people who have been oppressed in the any Jussie Smollett has been oppressed. Lemon is letting you know that he’s in that group too. Yes is he a highly paid news anchor with his own TV show. And yet, like Jussie Smollett, Don Lemon is a holy victim.”

Carlson discussed who the victims were in this crime, saying it is the people who the media and Smollett’s supporters “poured venom on for two weeks.”

“What about them? No mention of them,” he said. He added that “Don Lemon would very much like to keep up those attacks on those people. Attacking them allows him to feel oppressed.”

“That is why, when Smollett was finally caught, Lemon reacted in a very puzzling way,” said Carlson. “He didn’t seem especially concerned that his buddy had lied to further divide the country, to hurt America, which he did. No, that wasn’t the real. The real problem, according to Don Lemon, is that Smollett’s arrest might discredit the cult of victimhood.”

He played another clip of Lemon, from this segment in which he said that “Sean Hannity is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second. Tucker Carlson is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second.”

“Yeah, because when you tell the truth about a hate hoax, you’re the real hater,” said Carlson sarcastically after the clip.

At the end of the monologue he took one more shot at Don Lemon, saying that people who try to take advantage of the system of victimhood can hardly be blamed for it, they are just “following the rules that people like Don Lemon wrote.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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