Tucker Guest Katie Hopkins Goes on Bizarre Racial Tangent About ‘Black Rhinos’: I’m ‘Endangered’


Tucker Carlson invited British media personality-cum-demonstrable loon Katie Hopkins on his Fox News show Tuesday night to discuss the three alt-right activists who were denied entry into the U.K. on Monday.

Hopkins — who gained fame on the U.K. version of The Apprentice, and went on to write a column for the Daily Mail that cost the tabloid hundreds of thousands in legal battles and was eventually dropped — now works at an an obscure far-right media outlet called The Rebel.

Carlson opened his interview with Hopkins by declaring that “only a country that really hates itself, its heritage, its own people, would act like this.”

He then lathered on the feigned-outrage he has become practiced in, balking at the notion that Christians are being denied entry into the U.K. “in favor of ISIS members.”

“What animates this?” he asked Hopkins.

Hopkins informed a befuddled Tucker that while the U.K. has a conservative government in power, “it seems to be that being white is considered wrong, being Christian is considered wrong, Trump is wrong.”

“And there’s a list of right answers: to be Islamic is right, to welcome back jihadis is right, we shouldn’t prosecute them, we should embrace them.”

“We’re up there on the endangered species list,” Hopkins continued, as a horrified Tucker hung on to her every word. “To be a white Christian conservative woman like myself — I’m right up there on the endangered animal list, up there with the black rhino.”

“And the black rhino has an advantage because he’s black,” Hopkins concluded.

Carlson, unfazed, moved on to warn that the U.K. is a “democracy, purportedly,” and “you still get to vote there for the time being.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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