Vaper ‘Tommy Smokes’ Battles Doctor on Fox News: ‘It Helps My Swag, It Helps My Drip’


In an unusual segment on Laura Ingraham‘s The Ingraham Angle Thursday night, millennial vaper Tommy Smokes aka Tommy Scibelli defended his right to blow big fat clouds especially since it helped him get chicks.

“I’m 22 years old,” Smokes said when Ingraham asked him about vaping. “I’m using them legally and honestly they are cool. You rip them. There is nothing cooler than blowing a fat cloud like that. They call me the Colossus of Cloud. It helps my swag. It helps my drip. I love walking around. It’s really good for getting chicks.”

Ingraham then had a doctor weigh in on the health risks while Smokes continued to vape and cough.

It’s “also known as popcorn lung which can cause scarring and inflammation in your lungs. People who start off using vaping products, it’s considered a gateway drug and can lead people to actually start smoking real cigarettes,” Dr. Janette Nesheiwat said. “That is a concern.”

Smokes then said it didn’t matter because popcorn was delicious.

Finally, after noting the flavors Smokes liked to vape were now regulated,  Ingraham closed the segment by saying, “We are going to check in with Tommy Smokes in about six years and see how he’s doing.”

Smokes remained looking unconcerned.

Watch above, via Fox News


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