Wanda Sykes on Whether She’d Visit the Trump White House: ‘I Would…With a U-Haul’

On Tuesday night, comedian Wanda Sykes shared some of her thoughts on President Trump on The Late Show.

After discussing the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl win (and mocking Kevin Hart‘s drunken celebration), Stephen Colbert mentioned that three plays have already announced that they don’t plan on attending the White House for the team’s victory trip.

“If you were one of those players, would you go down to the White House?” Colbert asked?

“Honestly, I would go,” Sykes responded. “I would go and I would show up with moving boxes and a U-Haul. It’d be like, ‘Let’s go! Time to go!'”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Colbert reacted.

The Late Show host then asked the comedian if she had “anything positive” to say about the president. Sykes took a moment to think.

“You know, that Melania, she doesn’t seem to bad,” she said of the First Lady. “She doesn’t seem too bad.”

Sykes then pointed out the observation she made that the president and the First Lady “never walk together,” which she said “tells a lot.”

“It says that’s the guy who tries to get ahead of his lie,” Sykes elaborated. “I have friends like that, man. When I see- they pull up, and he gets ahead of his wife… he says, ‘Hey… uh… I was with you… uh… last night, okay? Uh… If it comes up… I was with you watching the game, alright?'”

Sykes insisted that was “Trump’s move.”

“Is the porn star dead? Is the porn star dead  yet?” Sykes joked.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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