WATCH: CNN’s Drew Griffin Eviscerates Mike Lindell’s Election Conspiracies, Lindell Offers to Hug Him Then Calls Him a Liar


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell inexplicably agreed to an interview with CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin, and after several minutes of Griffin’s evisceration of Lindell’s election fraud conspiracies, the interview went off the rails. There was yelling. More conspiracies. And an offer of a hug.

Previously, Lindell had breathlessly promoted a “documentary” that he claimed would prove that former President Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election but it was stolen from him due to fraud. It proved no such thing, recycling old claims that had already been reviewed and rejected by dozens of courts across the country (often with judges appointed by Trump or other Republicans).

Undeterred, Lindell’s latest gambit is a “cyber symposium” that he’s been promoting with such outlandish claims, Fox News declined to air his ad for it — triggering Lindell to pull his MyPillow ads from Fox.

CNN’s Griffin sat down with Lindell in a segment that aired on AC360 with Anderson Cooper on Thursday evening. In the interview, Griffin patiently walks step-by-step through Lindell’s key claims and eviscerates them one-by-one.

Lindell is shown telling Griffin that China hacked the election and Trump actually won the election, but China changed the votes in “all the states,” and he had the proof.

“It is of course complete nonsense,” Griffin narrated, noting how “every piece of so-called evidence” that Lindell had presented to CNN so far failed to show any actual proof of election hacking or another kind of fraud.

As one example, Griffin noted that the “evidence” in one of Lindell’s videos were simply images of “publicly available voter data scrolling across the screen, not proof of election hacking.” When Lindell was told this, he “changed his story,” said Griffin, claiming that he would show the “real evidence” at his cyber symposium “streamed live with MyPillow discounts available throughout.” Oh, and he sent along more screenshots that weren’t really evidence of anything.

The interview continued in this manner, with Griffin pointing out paper ballot records that confirmed election results, election machines that were never hooked up to the internet (and therefore couldn’t have been “hacked” by China), and other actual records and audits confirming the election results.

Each time, Lindell would insist that CNN was “mistaken” and that he thought Griffin was “lying.”

“I don’t think you really understand how votes are cast, collected, and tabulated in this country,” Griffin told Lindell. “No matter who says it, whether it’s local election officials, secretaries of state, judges, or even Donald Trump’s own attorney general, Mike Lindell’s conclusion is the same. They are all wrong.”

Noting that Lindell claimed he has spent “millions” on his efforts to prove the 2020 election was stolen and has offered a $5 million reward to anyone who can prove him wrong, Griffin asked him if he worried about being the victim of a scam.

“Well then, why don’t you come to the symposium and make $5 million?” retorted Lindell. “Are you worried about me? We should give a hug. You’re worried about old Mike? Oh, God bless you!”

“Here’s what we’re worried about,” replied Griffin. “We’re worried that what you are doing is mistakenly or deliberately destroying the confidence in the legitimate elected president of the United States and fostering what could be –”

Lindell cut him off, angrily insisting that he had “never said anything bad about Biden or the Democrats, ever — never!” and accusing Griffin of lying.

The interview went “round and round in circles,” Griffin told Cooper. “I’m not convinced Mike Lindell understands how voting works, period, let alone that he has proof of a massive voting conspiracy. He claims to have all these super secret sources but he never shows the sources, never shows the proof.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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