WATCH: Fox News’ Dr. Marc Siegel Takes Down Trump’s Disinfectant Comments


Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel rebuked President Donald Trump’s comments on injecting disinfectants into patients as a coronavirus treatment, stating, “There’s no evidence that ingesting anything into your body is going to deal with it.”

“I think that the President is not a physician, and I think that the point here is that this virus is easily disinfected on surfaces. It’s killed by soap and water if you actually wash your hands properly and wash your face properly,” Siegel told Fox News anchor Sandra Smith on Friday.

Siegel then went on to explain that once the virus is inside of someone’s body, it will immediately begin to spread from one cell to the next, which is why physicians are looking for systemic and anti-viral treatments, and are not attempting to kill the virus disinfectants or UV lights.

“The real way to fight a virus off is to be in good health, to sleep well, to eat well, to exercise. A lot of that stuff we’re having trouble doing right now because we’re under such stress,” Siegel added. “But no, there’s not a disinfectant you can introduce into the body to fight this. By the time the virus gets in, it’s already beyond that.”

Siegel and Smith then agreed that no doctor or health expert would encourage ingesting disinfectants as a means to treat the coronavirus, despite Trump’s claim that his suggestion came from medical research presented by Bill Bryan, an official from the Science and Technology branch of the Department of Homeland Security.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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