WATCH: MSNBC Cuts Trump Briefing For Stephanie Ruhle to Issue Fact-Check on Stimulus Programs


When MSNBC cut away from President Donald Trump at Thursday’s White House coronavirus briefing, Stephanie Ruhle delivered a fact check of claims made by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin regarding the small business loan program.

“We should actually fact check him on a few things,” Ruhle said. “He said this thing is up and running tomorrow. You can call any FDIC bank. That’s absolutely not true. You’re only allowed to apply from this loan from your existing bank. From someone you have a relationship with. I know they are making this sound very cut and dry and clear, but the banking industry is one of the most highly regulated industries there are. There are huge anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer issues.”

Ruhle noted JPMorgan Chase announced on Thursday they cannot accept such loan applications.

What’s more, the MSNBC host pointed out, “with $350 billion to go around that are going to be forgivable, and Steve Mnuchin standing there saying, everybody call a bank, there’s going to be huge fraud out there. There are going to be people applying for this who absolutely shouldn’t be.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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