WATCH: Perez Hilton Defends Twitter Accusations Against Kris Jenner


In his first TV interview since Friday night’s ABC News exclusive sit-down with Bruce Jenner, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton spoke to HLN about the tweet he posted that drew an emphatic “fuck you” from Kris Jenner.

During the broadcast, Hilton tweeted this observation:

Shortly after, Kris Jenner sent this response:

As many media watchers observed, it seemed unlikely that ABC would not want any comment from Bruce Jenner’s famous ex-wife, and, in fact, the network later released a statement saying they had reached out to her publicity team “more than once” without receiving a response.

“It’s going to come down to, ‘who do you believe?'” Hilton told HLN on Monday. While ABC is insisting they “repeatedly” reached out to Kris Jenner, Hilton said sources close to the family say those overtures never reached the reality star. “So, it’s Team Jenner vs. Team ABC,” he said, adding that he is inclined to believe the “news organization.”

Hilton defended his original tweet, saying that he didn’t mean that Kris Jenner “had to comment” but rather was just observing that she hadn’t. “It’s her right to not comment on it for whatever reason,” he added

Following the broadcast, Kris Jenner did share this supportive comment on Twitter:

Hilton also weighed in on Bruce Jenner’s surprising admission about being a Republican, noting that “Republican politicians aren’t the most accepting of transgender people.” But now that Jenner has come out, Hilton said it will “harder” for GOP lawmakers to “discriminate” against transgender Americans.

Watch video below, via HLN:

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