Mediaite’s John Ziegler Defends Al Franken in Fiery HLN Debate: ‘We’ve Lost Our Minds!’

S.E. Cupp Rips Al Franken: ‘She Was Asleep and He Used Her Body as a Punchline’

S.E. Cupp on Rape Allegations Against Bill Clinton: ‘Time For Liberals to Pay a Long Overdue Bill’

S.E. Cupp Proposes ‘Something We Can Do Immediately’ on Gun Violence

S.E. Cupp and All-Female Panel Share #MeToo Stories: ‘An Anchor Grabbed My Ass’

Mediaite‘s Colby Hall Hits Trump Over Ivy League Boast: Smart People ‘Don’t Need to Tout That’

Sen. Inhofe to S.E. Cupp: Comparing Niger to Benghazi ‘Makes Me Physically Sick’

Dem Rep. Darren Soto: Trump Admin Is Underreporting Puerto Rico Death Toll For Political Gain

S.E. Cupp Bashes ‘Hollywood Liberals’ For ‘Deafening Silence’ on Harvey Weinstein

Dean Obeidallah Slams Trump as Oversensitive: ‘The Orange Snowflake Can’t Take it!’

Dem Congressman Tells S.E. Cupp That a ‘Full Court Press’ Is Needed With Puerto Rico Recovery

S.E. Cupp Slams Michelle Obama for Shaming Female Trump Voters: ‘With All Due Respect… That’s Disgusting’

Mediaite’s Colby Hall on Alabama Senate Race: New Side to GOP Civil War

Good Samaritan Group Member During Hurricane Rescue: ‘We’ve Been Shot At’

Democratic Rep.: We’ve Spent Billions in Afghanistan With Nothing to Show for It

‘Stressful’ but ‘Exciting’: HLN Hosts Recall Their Days As NFL Draftees

WATCH: Ashleigh Banfield Pauses Show to Wish Mom a Happy Birthday

Senator Ben Sasse Wins $5 After Gorsuch Says ‘Bigly’ At Hearing

The Great Big Roundup of Anchors and Reporters Wearing Red on International Women’s Day

Carol Costello Gets Emotional as CNN Plays Farewell Video During Her Final Broadcast

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