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WATCH: QAnon Supporters Tell CNN Reporter in Shocking Segment They’re Hoping for Myanmar-Like Military Coup to Reinstall Trump

CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan dug into the latest moving of the goal posts in the QAnon conspiracy world, with some of its true believers brushing off the inconvenient fact of President Joe Biden as a historical aberration that will hopefully be soon swept away and replaced by Donald Trump after a Myanmar-like military coup.

Appearing on AC 360 on Friday night, the network’s extremist beat correspondent offered up a new video from a recent QAnon-Trump rally in Ventura, California.

In a discussion with an elderly woman sitting in a lawn chair, O’Sullivan pressed her on the incessant failed predictions of Q and the lack of promised public arrests and executions.

“They keep saying that. For years, and it’s not happened,” the CNN reported pointed out.

“It hasn’t been years.”

“Since 2017. It’s been years,” he corrected.

“This is a 6,000-year-old death cult. You can’t take it down that quick,” the Q follower shot back.

Next up, a woman in a red MAGA hat, absurdly insisted that the January 6th Capitol insurrection was a false flag attack by Antifa.

“You’re talking to the right person,” she claimed. “I can show footage that was all the left. The [Black Lives Matter] dressed up as Trump supporters.

“Come on,” a stunned O’Sullivan responded.

She then offered up a new desperate addendum to the Q conspiracy that Trump will somehow return as president on March 4th, since all presidents since Ulysses S. Grant were illegitimate.

“Are you feel going to foolish on March 5th when Biden is still president?” the CNN reporter then asked.

“Umm, then Trump has a different plan in play,” she offered.

“Everybody keeps saying Trump has a plan,” O’Sullivan said, challenging her.

“He didn’t lose the election, sir. Trump did not lose the election and that’s where we differ,” the woman fired back, repeating Trump’s “big lie” election fraud conspiracy, which she said was proven by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s widely-mocked and lie-filled documentary.

“You trust the man more who sells pillows than the Republican officials in Georgia?” he asked her.

“Oh, absolutely.”

But if all those theories don’t pan out, there’s always the hope for a military coup, for some Trump supporters.

“This whole thing is Biden, he’s like a puppet president,” the first woman insisted. “The military is in charge. It’s going to be like Myanmar, what’s happening in Myanmar. The military is doing their own investigation. At the right time they’re going to be restoring the republic with Trump as president.”

“What’s going on in Myanmar?” another woman wearing a Trump hat echoed. “The government took over and they’re redoing the election. You know why? Because the election was stolen from us!”

Back in the studio, anchor Anderson Cooper noted how so many of the QAnon supporters have just pivoted to newer, more elaborate absurd claims to avoid reckoning with the ever-growing body of evidence they’re following an online conspiracy.

“There was some thought about some people leaving QAnon once Biden was election because they realized nothing they had been promised has come to pass,” Cooper noted. “But like the lady in the piece, they just change what the prediction is supposed to be.”

“And when Trump doesn’t become the 19th president next week, they’ll move on to something else as well,” O’Sullivan pointed out. “I found it very concerning last weekend when we were speaking to these folks, particularly when they were talking about Myanmar and celebrating the military coup there and wanting to see that happen here in the U.S.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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