WATCH: Scenes of Chaos Unfold as Hundreds of People Flood Kabul Airport Tarmac in Desperate Bids to Get on Planes


As the Taliban tightens their grip on Afghanistan after seizing Kabul, hordes of citizens are overrunning the airports in a frantic attempt to escape the country.

The Hamid Karzai international airport was a scene of chaos last night as citizens flooded the airstrip, even as the U.S. Embassy is trying to move their staff out of the country from there. The U.S. military has reportedly taken control of airport security in order to help process the large-scale evacuations while the Taliban is also said to be bearing down on the airport’s perimeter.

The chaos continued into Monday as Afghan citizens broke into the tarmac area and dozens were filmed climbing up a gangplank in order to force their way inside of a plane. Attempts to disperse the crowds on the airport’s civilian side have failed, and the chaos has created complications for planes attempting to take off.

On the military side of the airport, video has also been captured of dozens of people swarming the underside of a military craft and attempting to hang on as it’s about to take off. It isn’t yet clear how many people have been killed amid the bedlam, but photos and videos from the scene indicate an ongoing situation of chaos and panic.

Watch above, via CNN International.

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