WATCH: Sen. Graham Lashes Out at Protester Insisting On Kavanaugh Polygraph


MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt interviewed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Thursday about the results of the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, and during the interview, a citizen who was apparently there protesting interrupted the interview and got a snapped response from the Senator over her comment.

The protester, referring to Kavanaugh, said “if he would take a polygraph it would all be over Senator.”

Graham, who had already turned his back to the woman once, turned his head partly back toward her and replied “well why don’t we dunk him in water and see if he floats?”

Obviously, a reference to a witch trial, which is also Donald Trump‘s favorite way to refer to investigations into his own background.

On Wednesday, at the Atlantic Festival, Graham was likewise snippy with the audience after they booed him for saying that Kavanaugh was treated “like crap” by Senate Democrats during Judiciary Committee hearings, telling the people in the crowd “oh boo yourself.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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