WATCH: Trump Lashes Out at Two Reporters in Bizarre Tarmac Scrum, Calls One a ‘Criminal’ for Not Covering Hunter Biden


President Donald Trump went off on the media on Monday while holding a tarmac press scrum before his campaign rally in Arizona.

Trump began his anti-media frenzy by ripping NBC’s Kristen Welker ahead of Thursday’s final debate with former Vice President Joe Biden — for which Welker will be the moderator. This segued into Trump ripping on NBC’s Savannah Guthrie for challenging him during their town hall, and C-SPAN’s Steve Scully for the Twitter hacking lie that resulted in his suspension from the network.

In response to Trump deriding Welker as a “radical left Democrat,” her NBC colleague Kelly O’Donnell interjected to defend the moderator of the final presidential debate.

“Not true, that’s not true, Mr. President,” O’Donnell said.

As the scrum continued, a reporter tried to press Trump on his murky Covid-19 testing history since being diagnosed with the virus.

“Would you do a test before the debate? And will you authorize your doctors to tell us when you negatively tested last?”

“I would have no problem with it,” Trump said before diverting to his misleading claim to be “immune” to the virus. When the reporter tried to follow up on whether he’ll authorize his doctors to elaborate on his testing history, Trump repeatedly complained, “Is that very important to you? Why is it so important to you?”

After sneering at the reporter’s “dedication” to the question, Trump moved on without offering a direct answer. After that, he took a question on why his apparent campaign strategy is to label Biden a criminal.

“He is a criminal” Trump answered, referring to the dubiously-sourced New York Post report on the ex-veep’s son, Hunter Biden.

“And you know who’s a criminal here? You’re a criminal for not reporting it,” Trump said — pointing at the reporter who asked the question.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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