WH Reporter Confronts Jean-Pierre With Poll Showing Vast Majority Believe Biden is Too Old for His Job


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced renewed questions about the clear majority of Americans who think President Joe Biden is too old to be re-elected to office in 2024.

In her first press briefing in approximately two weeks, Jean-Pierre took questions from Associated Press reporter Chris Megerian, who confronted her about his outlet’s latest poll on how voters feel about Biden’s advanced age. The president will be 81 in November, and the AP’s poll found that 77 percent of Americans — including 69 percent of Democrats — think Biden is too old for a second term.

Given that Biden’s age has been a recurring discussion point about his fitness for duty, Megerian asked Jean-Pierre “Does this White House have additional plans to demonstrate he can continue to do the job at his advanced age?” Jean-Pierre answered by commenting on how “often” she has addressed the matter, and “What I would say — and I’ve said this many times and many colleagues have said this, the president says this — if you watch him. If you have seen what he’s done the last two years, this is a president has had a historic administration in just two years.”

“This is a president who has taken historic actions,” Jean-Pierre argued. “Not just with Democrats on the Hill, but in a bipartisan way… In many ways, this president is able to do things that are going to change how American families move forward.”

Megerian followed up by noting that the press pool saw Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, was seen walking into the Oval Office before the briefing. Pressed for details on why the doctor was there, Jean-Pierre said “I just don’t know.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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