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‘What the Hell is Wrong With Barr!?’: Lou Dobbs Rails at AG for Not Jailing ‘Dirty, Rotten … Corrupt SOBs’ in the FBI, DOJ

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs didn’t hold back Wednesday night taking aim at a report that Attorney General William Barr is considering stepping aside due to President Donald Trump applying pressure on him.

Speaking with Byron York, a Fox News contributor, Dobbs rhetorically asked, “What the hell is wrong with Barr!?”

Dobbs argued that Barr is “wrong,” the president is “right,” and that the attorney representing the American people is just “complaining because the president is using new media.”

“Here is a man who is taking on this president in public. He’s wrong, the president is right. He’s complaining because the president is using new media, and Barr is using old media to complain about the president using new media. The president is right; he has the authority over the Justice Department,” Dobbs stated.

Dobbs, an outspoken Trump ally, then asked, “What the hell is wrong with Barr?”

“So, Barr went on products cast television to complain about the president’s tweets. I agree with the media thing. I disagree with you on the fact that the president’s tweets do cause trouble for William Barr,” York fired back at Dobbs.

Dobbs then pivoted to the way Trump has directly communicated the American people, dodging the rebuttal regarding Barr from York.

“Whether it’s FDR or President Trump, Byron, talking directly to the American people, they as FDR did, President Trump has changed history by communicating directly to the American people, and you know that,” Dobbs responded.

“Look at the substance of this. A let of the prosecutors say the suggested seven to nine year term sentence for Roger Stone really was excessive. And that three to four was more like it. And Bill Barr took care of this,” York continued.

Dobbs then riffed about how Barr’s boss is Trump, and the Constitution also says that Trump is his boss before adding that Barr “needs to move forward and do his job.”

“This is a mistake on the part of the Attorney general, and he needs to move forward and do his job. And that means take the dirty, rotten, politically corrupt SOB’s in that Justice Department and FBI and put them in jail,” Dobbs concluded.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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