What?! Trump Calls Illegal Immigrants from Mexico ‘Professional Mountain Climbers’


President Donald Trump is visiting California to browse possible wall prototypes, and it wouldn’t be a “I’m doing a thing I said I was gonna do” Trump event without a roundabout, bizarre speech with a little horribly offensive commentary thrown in.

“These are like professional mountain climbers. They’re incredible climbers,” Trump said, referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico. “They can’t climb some of these walls. Some of them they can. Those are the walls we’re not using.”

“We’re looking very much at the wall with some see-through capability on the other side and then solid concrete on top or steel and concrete on top,” Trump explained, pointing to his beloved wall embryo. “The round piece you see up there or you see more clearly back there, the larger it is, the better it is, because it’s very hard to get over the top. It’s really deterrent from getting over the top. Who would think?”

So let’s pause for a second. Yes, the president just said that people trying to get into the country illegally are like “professional mountain climbers.” And yes, he has dispatched a team to figure out, in some way, which kinds of walls potential immigrants cannot climb.

Can you imagine the conversations? “Oh, looks like this family made their way over our horrible barbed-wire fence to seek a better life, so we’d better try the electric fence instead!”

When asked what he thought of California Governor Jerry Brown‘s statements that the money being spent on the wall would be put to better use elsewhere, Trump said: “I think Governor Brown has done a poor job running California… The place is totally out of control.”

“If you don’t have safety, meaning if you don’t have this kind of wall, the drugs are pouring through in California,” he added.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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